Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's a yumprint?

It's a word we made up.

Because the word we were looking for didn't exist.

We wanted a word to describe the thing that makes me think a recipe needs more sugar while my wife thinks it needs less, the thing that makes a lot of people hate fish while others pay large sums of money for very small (and raw) pieces of it, the thing that makes salad taste good in the Summer while soups taste good in the Fall, and the thing that makes some feel sick when they eat gluten while others go to France just to eat the pastries.

We wanted a word that described the thing that makes each person's taste entirely unique and utterly complex.

So why is yumprint that word? Because the best example of something that is really complex and perfectly unique to you (that we could think of) is ... your thumbprint.

Everyone has a yumprint. We're excited to help you discover yours.

What's your yumprint?

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