Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 recipes as good as a prenatal vitamin (almost)

My wife and I are expecting our second child in January, so she - like most women - was advised to take a regular prenatal vitamin, which got us thinking ... 

"How hard is it to get all the nutrients you need during pregnancy from real food?"

So I compared each of Yumprint's nearly 15,000 recipes against the nutrient needs of a woman who is expecting*. The results ...

It's tough to find "enough" vitamin D, b12 and thiamin

Percentage of recipes with "enough" nutrients**
(read each bar like "48% of recipes on Yumprint put me on the right track to get enough calcium").

It's not too hard to find enough calcium, vitamin e, and even iron.

But enough Vitamin D (not enough can cause growth retardation and skeletal deformities), Vitamin B12 (not enough can cause severe and permanent neurological damage), and Thiamin (essential for your baby's brain development) don't hang out in a lot of places.

And, the recipes ...

The preceding chart should convince you (if you weren't already), that the best route to a healthy pregnancy is variety, and not leaving it up to one dish to do all the work.

That said, if you were to eat just one dish for your entire pregnancy (something I do not advocate), these recipes would do a pretty good job of getting you almost all the nutrients you need (save all of them to your cookbook with the Yumprint Extension):

Calcium: 240%, Vitamin D: 100%, Thiamin: 50%, Riboflavin: 240%, Niacin: 80%, Vitamin B12: 120%, Vitamin E: 190%, Zinc: 100%, Iron: 110%, Vitamin C: 720%, Folate: 470%
Calcium: 300%, Vitamin D: 80%, Thiamin: 40%, Riboflavin: 220%, Niacin: 180%, Vitamin B12: 150%, Vitamin E: 720%, Zinc: 150%, Iron: 250%, Vitamin C: 500%, Folate: 140%
Calcium: 150%, Vitamin D: 80%, Thiamin: 60%, Riboflavin: 130%, Niacin: 130%, Vitamin B12: 70%, Vitamin E: 290%, Zinc: 80%, Iron: 220%, Vitamin C: 640%, Folate: 110%

Calcium: 130%, Vitamin D: 120%, Thiamin: 60%, Riboflavin: 160%, Niacin: 150%, Vitamin B12: 20%, Vitamin E: 740%, Zinc: 100%, Iron: 190%, Vitamin C: 560%, Folate: 130%

Calcium: 140%, Vitamin D: 30%, Thiamin: 70%, Riboflavin: 130%, Niacin: 150%, Vitamin B12: 100%, Vitamin E: 100%, Zinc: 120%, Iron: 160%, Vitamin C: 350%, Folate: 180%

Calcium: 270%, Vitamin D: 50%, Thiamin: 30%, Riboflavin: 210%, Niacin: 140%, Vitamin B12: 110%, Vitamin E: 710%, Zinc: 120%, Iron: 110%, Vitamin C: 240%, Folate: 130%

Calcium: 290%, Vitamin D: 100%, Thiamin: 40%, Riboflavin: 80%, Niacin: 120%, Vitamin B12: 90%, Vitamin E: 380%, Zinc: 70%, Iron: 480%, Vitamin C: 290%, Folate: 120%

Calcium: 110%, Vitamin D: 20%, Thiamin: 60%, Riboflavin: 150%, Niacin: 200%, Vitamin B12: 180%, Vitamin E: 400%, Zinc: 120%, Iron: 230%, Vitamin C: 770%, Folate: 110%

Calcium: 70%, Vitamin D: 290%, Thiamin: 40%, Riboflavin: 90%, Niacin: 230%, Vitamin B12: 130%, Vitamin E: 150%, Zinc: 120%, Iron: 300%, Vitamin C: 440%, Folate: 150%

Salmon Baked in Foil 18594
Calcium: 380%, Vitamin D: 120%, Thiamin: 40%, Riboflavin: 70%, Niacin: 110%, Vitamin B12: 110%, Vitamin E: 320%, Zinc: 80%, Iron: 700%, Vitamin C: 120%, Folate: 160%

[None of this should be taken as medical advice]

* We included all the nutrients outlined in this article, and set the daily intake values at those recommended here and here.

** By "right track", "enough" and "satisfied", I mean that if you ate your entire daily intake through this recipe you'd get all the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy. Obviously you're not going to do that, so the idea is that eating these recipes puts you on the right course to getting all the nutrition you need in a day. 

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