Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Menu planning just got fun ... for the first time ever.

I won't go on about how meal planning helps you get healthier, or how meal planning saves you money, or how meal planning saves you time - there are plenty of articles like that.

But try googling "fun meal planning" and you'll see that not many people believe that meal planning is actually fun.

Here at Yumprint, we think that something as important as meal planning should be fun ... that way you'll actually do it.

So we re-imagined meal planning from the ground up.

1: Beautiful is fun.

We created a sleek, image-based timeline that floats at the top of your screen. The more recipes you add to it the more beautiful it gets.

2: Dragging and dropping is fun. 

Drag any recipe you see on Yumprint directly on to your timeline. FYI, this is especially fun on the iPad ... something about moving pretty pictures around with your finger is awesome.

3: Capturing inspiration is fun.

If a recipe on Yumprint inspires you but you're not ready to cook it quite yet, just drag it to the "try soon" bin on your timeline. If you're browsing the web with the Yumprint extension, click the "try soon" button. When you're ready to decide what to eat, just open your "try soon" bin and drag and drop.

4: Friends are fun.

Click "Menus" and you can check out the timelines of anyone on Yumprint. Follow people who have yumprints similar to yours and you'll never lack inspiration for what to cook. Don't feel like planning? Drag directly from their timelines to yours ... lazy is fun too.

We think meal planning with Yumprint is so much fun that we hate the idea of calling it meal planning. We want a name that sounds as fun as it is. Any suggestions?

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