Monday, October 22, 2012

Introducing Personalized Nutrition

We're excited to announce the release of personalized nutrition guidance.

At its core is a scoring system based on the philosophy that what you've eaten determines what you should eat next.

The scoring system helps you to achieve an ideal diet

If your diet is low on vegetables, recipes with lots of vegetables receive high scores. If you've eaten plenty of vegetables, those same recipes receive lower scores. If you're doing a good job avoiding saturated fat, then the score won't penalize you for a small indulgence.

In short, the scoring system helps you to achieve an ideal diet without you having to do any of the thinking.

Complicated food journaling is not required

Just press "cooked it" after you finish a recipe, or use Yumprint to plan meals, and we'll automatically understand your diet.  Since the Yumprint Extension makes adding recipes as simple as a single click, it really couldn't get any easier.

I'll quickly point out some highlights ...

1: Holistic scoring

In the top left corner, you'll see your diet's overall score*.

We assume your diet to be everything on your timeline. So just press "cooked it" or  use the timeline to plan your meals and you'll be all set.

2: Detailed reports

Clicking the score shows where your diet is succeeding and where it can improve.

3: At-a-glance guidance

Every recipe is marked with points indicating what that recipe will do for your diet score.

Just choose recipes with positive points (the ones in green) and you'll be on your way to a perfectly balanced diet.

* Our scores are currently based on the Healthy Eating Index. In the future, we'll be releasing alternative eating philosophies. Which philosophy should we introduce next? Paleo? Low carb? Zone?


  1. I like where this is going, but do you have any suggestions for when I'm eating say, just an apple, or if I'm using plain canned green beans for our side dish, or other store purchased items, so that the score can be more accurate?

  2. This idea would be great if it were customizable for different dietary needs. I have insulin resistance and eat low-carb, so my whole fruits and other carb categories would be low whereas my dietary fats and oils (which can be labeled as "bad") are high.

  3. I'd love Paleo to be on here.