Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Throw away your cookbooks.

I love books. I love them for all the things this picture conveys - their beauty, their smell, their texture.

But if you love books mostly for what's inside of them, you should throw away your paper versions. This is especially true for cookbooks.

Six months ago, my wife and I got rid of our cookbooks. Before we did, we pulled out our favorite recipes, used a free OCR reader to convert them to a Google doc, and then used the Yumprint Extension to convert the Google doc to a digital cookbook. It took several hours.

My wife was skeptical that going digital would work, so she kept her cookbooks in a secret place.

Because all our favorite recipes were now on Yumprint, we started going there every time we cooked, and something amazing started to happen ...

We'd go to Yumprint to open one of those favorite recipes and we'd end up seeing a recipe my sister cooked, a recipe we'd saved from Pinterest with the Yumprint Extension, or a new recipe from one of our favorite food blogs ... and we'd cook that instead.

Without realizing it, our favorite recipes were forgotten - replaced by a continual stream of new and exciting recipes.

This is why a digital cookbook is so much better than a paper one ...

Once you've flipped through a paper cookbook a few times, you know what's in there. You settle on a few favorites and you don't open yourself up to inspiration until you buy your next cookbook.

But every time you open Yumprint, it's a new a cookbook - it's a new source of inspiration. So instead of just discovering new recipes every time you buy a cookbook, you discover new recipes every time you cook.

And all of the sudden your cooking becomes dynamic and fresh instead of stagnant and stale.

So what happened to our paper cookbooks? They've been forgotten too.

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