Thursday, November 8, 2012

The peak of pumpkin-ness

Oh the pumpkin craze! If you're a regular visitor to Yumprint, you can't help but notice that the pumpkin obsession has been going on for a while now. Being the geeky types that we are, we wanted to quantify just how crazy things have gotten.

Here's a fun chart showing the percentage of recipes in our daily feed that contain pumpkin. Our daily feed is generated from the recipes that people save with the Yumprint Extension, that people cook, and that people resave from others on Yumprint.

Given the trend, it's hard to say that we've even reached the peak, but for what's it's worth, we can declare the current peak of pumpkin-ness to be just a couple of days after Halloween*. Of course, that could all change as we approach Thanksgiving.

So what's driving all that pumpkin love? Here are the ten most popular pumpkin recipes on Yumprint as of today:



* 8% may not seem like a very tall peak, but that means that more than 1 in 13 recipes contained pumpkin. Compare that to May when only 1 in 56 recipes contained pumpkin.

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