Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Yumprint is Making For Thanksgiving

Homemade rolls. Turkey with stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Pumpkin pie. All the makings of a glorious Thanksgiving dinner...or a Thanksgiving disaster.

Typical Thanksgiving fare includes dishes most of us don't prepare very often.  In fact, I can't think of a time that I've had stuffing and cranberry sauce other than on Thanksgiving.  So, unless you're willing to prepare a Thanksgiving "test" dinner in addition to the annual feast (which I most certainly am not), the recipes chosen for the big day had better be good.  More than just good, these Thanksgiving recipes have to be foolproof because if something can go wrong in the kitchen, it will most likely happen in the chaos of preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

There is another reason why careful recipe selection is critical for Thanksgiving dinner:  because the dinner is Thanksgiving.  Of any holiday, Thanksgiving is the one whose crowning jewel is the cuisine.  For some, the best part may be the turkey, for others it's the pie.  Either way, to thoroughly celebrate this harvest holiday is to celebrate it with excellent food.

Enjoying good food with friends and family is why I love Thanksgiving, but it's also why many dread the holiday when it's their turn to host the dinner.

Solution: Find quality, rigorously vetted recipes from sources you know and trust.  Where does one find those all-star recipes?

Thanks to Yumprint's new approach to recipe collection and meal planning, you can browse through your friend's cookbooks and find their best recipes.  You can be confident that a recipes really is excellent because Yumprint will tell you which recipes they've actually cooked, how often, what they rate it, where they found it, and if they made any adaptations.

For instance, when your passionate-about-baking-friend goes through the trial and error of 10 different dinner roll recipes to find the perfect one, you don't have to.  You'll know which one is the best and why based on her reviews and comments.

Finding the perfect pumpkin pie is easier when you can read through your mother-in-law's 4-star rating and special adaptation to a recipe that's been in her family for ages.

Maybe you had some particularly memorable mashed potatoes at your co-worker's dinner party last Sunday and you want to use her recipe on Thanksgiving day.  All you need to do is look up that date on her recipe timeline and voila! the recipe is found (provided she has been using Yumprint as she ought).

Are you getting the idea?

Yumprint's social solution to discovering reliable recipes can be your solution to avoiding disaster this Thanksgiving.

Oh, and as a bonus.  Yumprint will automatically calculate the nutritional content of each recipe to help you select more healthful dishes for your Thanksgiving feast and feel confident about that extra slice of pie.

So without further ado, here's a small sampling of what people on Yumprint are cooking this Thanksgiving:

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