Friday, November 8, 2013

Save Money on Groceries!

We are excited to announce the best new way to save money on groceries: Yumprint Premium.

Now on Yumprint, you can easily see which recipes have the most ingredients on sale. Just look for the green banners.

Click a banner to see the sales. Remove sales you aren't interested in.

See how many items on your shopping list are on sale and which store has the best sales for your list.

See a feed of the recipes in your cookbook with sales.

We support over 50 grocery chains. Enter your zipcode to see which stores we support near you. If we don't support your store, let us know.

Explore the entire weekly circular for your favorite stores and add sales directly to your shopping list.

Start your two-week free trial today. Once your trial ends, you'll be billed just $9.99 per month. We're confident you'll save way more than that on your grocery bill!

Will you be joining Yumprint Premium?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bring Yumprint with you everywhere you go

We are excited to announce the Yumprint app for the iPhone. You can download it today for free from the App Store. The mobile app brings all of the wonderful things that you love on Yumprint to your phone: your cookbook, your menu, your shopping list, and the ability to find great recipes.

All the goodness of Yumprint available in a small package
Create your own visual cookbook
Beautifully simple recipe layout
Easy to cook
Simple visual menu planning
Bring your shopping list to the store

Search over 100,000 recipes from across the web

Discover food you'll love

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Helping with the Groceries

Like many of you, we love great food, but don’t necessarily like going shopping. Each week, there comes a time when we need to go to the grocery store and so ensues the tedium of deciding what to eat, what we need to buy to eat it, and then going to the store to get it.

Yumprint makes this task simple, inspiring, and fun. To do this, we have the Yumprint Extension, menu planning, nutritional advice, and recipe search. Although, it is a seamless experience going from finding inspirational recipes on the web to a meal plan, making the shopping list is still quite laborious. But that changes now.

We are proud to announce Yumprint Grocery Lists

To get started with grocery lists on Yumprint, create or sign into your Yumprint account. Once you are in Yumprint, notice the Grocery List area at the left of your meal plan. Click the grocery list icon to go to your grocery list or drag recipes onto the icon to add them to your grocery list.

Your grocery list is comprised of four main sections:

1.  Actions you can take on your grocery list

Add items to your grocery list by typing them into the box at the top or click “Add all planned recipes” to add all recipes from your meal plan onto your grocery list. You can also print or email your grocery list.

2. The grocery list

This is where items on your grocery list will appear. You can check off items, view where they come from, or edit them.

3. Checked items

As you check items off your grocery list, they will appear in this section so that you can change your mind and add them back to the list. Once you are done with them then click “Clear all”.

4. Recipes on your grocery list

Drag recipes here to add them to your grocery list. You can also view recipes on your grocery list or remove them from the grocery list.

Try adding a recipe to your grocery list. Notice that:

  1. The grocery list icon is now green, indicating that there are items in your grocery list.
  2. If the recipe is on your meal plan then it is marked as being on your grocery list. Also if you now click “Add all planned recipes” it will not add that recipe again.
  3. The grocery list now contains items from the recipe organized into categories combining ingredients where possible.
  4. The recipe that was added is listed on the right.

Of course, you can add as many recipes to your grocery list as you want.

You can check off items that you don’t need or that you have purchased.

You can change the name or amount of an item by clicking on the text you want to edit.

You can also click the information icon to see in which recipes an item was found.

If an item was miscategorized or combined incorrectly then you can click “miscategorized” to fix it.

Once you have prepared your list, you can take it to the store by either:

  1. Using your mobile phone from the same web page
  2. Emailing it to the person who will go shopping
  3. Printing it

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Announcing Recipe Card - a Wordpress plugin

The Recipe Card plugin for Wordpress makes it easy to create beautiful recipes. You can create a unique and beautiful recipe template in less than 5 minutes. It's easy and fun!

Recipe Card also does a lot of other fancy stuff for your blog like search engine optimization,  clean printing, reviews, a Yumprint recipe box, and nutrition facts.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

A short video (warning there's sound)

The template editor

The recipe editor

An example recipe