Friday, November 8, 2013

Save Money on Groceries!

We are excited to announce the best new way to save money on groceries: Yumprint Premium.

Now on Yumprint, you can easily see which recipes have the most ingredients on sale. Just look for the green banners.

Click a banner to see the sales. Remove sales you aren't interested in.

See how many items on your shopping list are on sale and which store has the best sales for your list.

See a feed of the recipes in your cookbook with sales.

We support over 50 grocery chains. Enter your zipcode to see which stores we support near you. If we don't support your store, let us know.

Explore the entire weekly circular for your favorite stores and add sales directly to your shopping list.

Start your two-week free trial today. Once your trial ends, you'll be billed just $9.99 per month. We're confident you'll save way more than that on your grocery bill!

Will you be joining Yumprint Premium?